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YouTube is paying podcasters to video their shows

YouTube now wants podcasters to make video content of their podcasts



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According to Bloomberg’s latest report, YouTube has started to pay podcasters to videotape their podcasts so that they can be posted on the video hosting company’s site. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed to Bloomberg that YouTube is willing to pay a sum of $200,000 to $300,000 to the podcast networks who create filmed versions of their podcasts or any other type of video content. While the video hosting giant is offering an amount of $50,000 to individual shows for the same.

YouTube has already proven to be a viable venue for podcasters seeking to reach a larger audience by hosting several podcasts, including the H3 Podcast and Full Send Podcast. YouTube even helped the recently controversial “Joe Rogan’s Experience” become one of the most popular podcasts in the United States, which Spotify acquired exclusive rights to back in 2020.

The corporation has also begun to take measures to boost its market position. Recently, it began allowing Canadians to listen to the audio without opening the app, which was previously available to premium members only. YouTube also recruited Kai Chuk to manage the company’s podcasting operations around the same time.

Spotify already offers video podcasts, though. However, enlisting the popularly successful shows accompanied with videos that may be exclusive to YouTube’s platform, could help the video hosting service to grow an audience that might be interested in more than just audio.

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