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Who is Boss Fight Entertainment and why did Netflix purchase them?



Netflix buys boss fight

Who Is Boss Fight Entertainment?

Boss Fight Entertainment has two development studios in Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2013 the veteran team have produced some heavy hitters in the past from Age of Empires 2 on PC, Halo Wars on Xbox, Star Wars: The Old Republic and now free to play games such as CastleVille, Dungeon Boss and Kingdom Boss. With a pretty big team of 150 people, Netflix are ramping up in the game space.

Does Netflix have any games in their streaming app?

This will be Netflix’s third game studio acquisition after the critically acclaimed Oxenfree developer Night School Studio and Finnish game studio Next Games. It has been rumored for a while now that Netflix will be adding games to their subscriptions, but on how this will work is still a little unclear especially if there are currently no ads or in game / video purchases in the main streaming app.

Netflix have experimented with Telltale like gaming with the The Boss Baby: Get That Baby! Where children can interact with the story and by using a TV remote control and with this kind of device, it makes it easy and enjoyable for kids to feel part of the story.

Netflix games on android ios

Who Is Netflix competing with?

This is where it get’s a little confusing on the path that Netflix are taking. Currently there are at least a dozen Netflix games on the Google Play and Apple App store, including, Bowling Ballers, Tetter Up, Asphalt Extreme and Stranger Things 3. These games are free to play with you Netflix subscription, all you need to do is download them from your smartphone’s app store.

It was rumored that Netflix will be competing against Xbox and it’s Game Pass service, but a lot of these development teams that Netflix have purchased including Boss Fight Entertainment are mobile gaming developers or have games that could run on mobile.

With the gaming development teams that Netflix is or will be acquiring, the large content delivery infrastructure Netflix has in delivering streaming video on all major networked devices and the ease of connecting a controller to those devices, it’s not hard to see that in the future Netflix will bring some major titles to their main service to compete against Xbox Games Pass and Google Stadia… and of course there is Amazon.

With Netflix getting another price hike, this could be a way of making sure Netflix subscriptions don’t drop, while targeting another audience in the gaming scene?

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