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What to Expect at Google I/O 2022?

Android 13, the Pixel 6a, and the Pixel Watch might all steal the show



What to Expect at Google I/O 2022?

Google I/O 2022 developer conference begins underway on Wednesday. The event will be mostly online, as it was last year. Some Google employees will be in person at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, but the rest of us will watch the event via Livestream.

I/O is a developer conference where software developers may attend sessions and learn how to create apps for Google’s platforms. However, the corporation also utilises the keynote talk on the first day to reveal new items. A lot of information has already been speculated or leaked. However, there is always an opportunity for a few surprises.

This year’s keynote may include a number of hardware announcements. There are continuous rumours about Google’s first wearable, the Pixel Watch, as well as a mid-range successor to last year’s Pixel 6 smartphones. A new set of truly wireless earbuds might also be introduced.

Software announcements are anticipated to focus on Google’s main operating systems, such as Android 13, the next major update due later this year. Google’s presenters may potentially reveal new features for other platforms, such as Wear OS or Android TV. The company’s ever-expanding suite of services like Google Maps or office applications like Google Docs are also expected to be improved.

How to watch Google I/O 2022?

Google I/O 2022 keynote event begins at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday, May 11. The presentation should run for roughly two hours. You can watch it on the I/O website. Live streaming is also available on Google’s YouTube website. There is also a stream in American Sign Language (ASL).

If you want to get a taste of the I/O developer experience, you may join up for the entire two-day event. Attendance is free, as it was last year, but you must create an account to have access to the technical sessions.

Our Expectations from Google I/O 2022

Google Pixel 6A

Unofficial renders of Pixel 6A – Source: 91mobiles

Each of Google’s flagship Pixel smartphones has been followed by a more economical variant with fewer features for the previous three years. It’s the Pixel 6’s turn this year, although reports say the Pixel 6A will be different from past A-series devices.

Although phones like the Pixel 4A and 5A incorporated identical camera functionality to their flagship counterparts with less powerful CPUs, rumours indicate that the Pixel 6A may take a different route. Last year, 9to5Google said that the Pixel 6A would have the same Tensor processor as the Pixel 6, but a 12-megapixel primary camera sensor instead of the Pixel 6’s 50-megapixel sensor.

Google Pixel Watch

A leaked Prototype of Pixel Watch- Source: tagtech414 (via PhoneArena)

The idea of Google launching its own smartwatch has long been rumoured, but 2022 might be the year it really arrives. There have been specification leaks, design leaks, and an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office disclosing the Pixel Watch name. Most notably, a purported prototype of the smartwatch was discovered abandoned in a restaurant, resulting in a rush of photographs being uploaded online. 

Android 13

Android 13 logo

On the software front, Android 13 is the next major release of Google’s mobile operating system. It has already been launched in beta, giving us limited glimpse of Google’s ambitions for the upgrade, but we can’t predict Google’s broader vision for Android 13 until I/O.

So far, it appears like Android 13 will carry on most of the work that Google began with Android 12. Last year’s customisable themes (labelled as Material You) are expected to extend to encompass additional UI components in the operating system, and Google is continuing to limit what portions of the operating system Android apps have by default access to. Any big new projects will very certainly be announced at Google’s keynote.

Latest Wear OS for Smartwatch

At the last Google I/O keynote, Google and Samsung demonstrated the new WearOS, and we anticipate the cooperation will have strengthened this year to make a seamless wearable platform. WearOS 3.2 is likely to see significant performance improvements, and Google may adopt the software for its own wearable.

Android and Google TV software

Google also offers Android TV and Google TV software. And we know they’ll be releasing new features this year since one of their product managers stated as much in January. The firm appears to be interested in supporting home fitness activities, as well as delivering more smart home controls and video conferencing services.

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