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Ukraine proposes removing Russian Websites from the internet

Ukrainian officials requested ICANN to remove Russian websites and DNS servers



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In an attempt to wipe out Russian websites off the internet, Ukrainian officials amidst the ongoing invasion by Russia requested the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to invalidate Russian domains and close down the basic Domain Name System (DNS) servers in the country.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation for Russia, sent an email to the CEO of ICANN Goran Marby requesting him to implement sanctions against Russia as Putin was spreading war propaganda over the Internet.  

Based in California, a non-profit organization ICANN is responsible for protecting the “operational stability of the internet” and managing the global DNS root zone.

The e-mail read, “Global leaders, governments, and organisations have supported imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation in order to bring an end to the violence towards Ukraine and other nations. I humbly request you to examine and consider such steps and implement them at their earliest feasibility.

Taking such steps could wipe out Russia from the internet. Users within and outside of Russia won’t have access to the Russian sites, including the email and other services, if domains like “.ru,” “.pɸ” are removed from the DNS root zone.

A similar request by the Ukrainian officials was made, to the RIPE Network Coordination Center, which is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), for regions like Europe, the Middle East, and some parts of Central Asia. However, it was rejected by the organization earlier this week.

ICANN hasn’t yet responded to the request raised by the Ukrainian officials.

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