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Twitter Circle, a feature that lets you share tweets with “select people”

It’s a feature comparable to Instagram’s Close Friends feature



Twitter Circle, a feature that lets you share tweets with “select people”

Despite the current state of instability surrounding Twitter, it continues to undertake product tests. For example, the business recently launched a limited test of a new feature called Twitter Circle. It’s a feature comparable to Instagram’s Close Friends.

Twitter Circle allows you to add up to 150 individuals to a Circle, including followers and non-followers. Therefore, when you wish to tweet without sharing it with everyone, you can jump onto the Choose Audience option and select ‘Twitter Circle’ instead of ‘Everyone’ when writing your tweet. 

It’s a method to have similar privacy to a locked account that only shows up for individuals who follow it without having to limit yourself to a locked account. People who are already members of your Circle will be able to view the tweets you post to it, but they will be unable to utilise the built-in retweet symbol to instantly share them. Of course, this does not prevent screenshots or downloads of any content in the tweet, but the situation is the same as if you had a locked account, with the exception that it varies depending on the tweets you choose.

Twitter Circle’s guidelines make clear, just because your tweets aren’t visible to the public doesn’t mean there aren’t any regulations. As a result, you might still be banned if you engage in abusive behaviour or engage in other actions that violate its policies. The feature has been under development since at least last year, with branding for the settings such as “Trusted Friends” and “Facet,” as well as the term “Flock” earlier this year.

For the time being, the select few who will have access to Twitter Circle can only form one Circle, and only the person who makes the Circle can see the list of people who are members of it. They can access the feature on iOS, Android, and the web. If you’re in a Circle, you can’t leave it, although you can silence a topic if it consumes too much of your timeline.

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