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Twitch is banning “Harmful Misinformation Superspreaders”

Users beware of spreading false information




Twitch has declared that it will remove users who repeatedly spread detrimental disinformation on its site. Twitch refers to these people as “Harmful Misinformation Superspreaders.”

However, the expanded restrictions will not apply to users based on “individual statements or discussions” on the channel, but to those “whose online activity is committed to (I) regularly disseminating, (II) thoroughly invalidated and generally reported, (III) negative disinformation themes.”

The blog post on the company’s site describes the reason to choose the above-cited criteria as they generate the highest risk of harm, including the risk of inciting real-world violence. 

Even though there are only a few persons on the site promoting falsehoods, the company is aware of the potential harm that such users may create if left unchecked, which is why such restrictions have been announced.

Twitch’s misinformation policy includes the content that promotes misleading information related to COVID-19 vaccines or that could harm one’s health, election fraud or any other theme that “diminishes the integrity of a civic or political process,” any misleading information “popularised by conspiracy networks linked to violence,” and any misinformation that targets protected groups, which is already intensely prohibited under the company’s Hateful Conduct & Harassment Policy.

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