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TikTok’s impact on youngsters under probe by U.S states

It comes as a step to protect Youngsters from harm caused by Social Media



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TikTok is under probe by a group of state attorneys general (AGs) coming from the states of California, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more to determine the effects and impacts on youngsters’ mental and physical health.

The push to protect youngsters, especially kids and teens, from the negative impacts of being online has transitioned into probing various platforms.

Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, who is a part of the attorneys general group leading the investigations, says that we cannot allow social media to further harm the physical and mental health of children and teens as they are already struggling with alarming issues like anxiety, social pressure, and depression.

The coalition of AGs is investigating if the platform’s algorithm, design, and operations affect children, teens, and youngsters’ physical and mental health in a negative way. The investigations will also probe if TikTok knew about the harm caused by using the platform.

Speaking on the investigation launched against TikTok, the platform’s spokesperson Ben Rathe, in a statement, said that they are concerned with building an experience that leads to protecting and supporting the community’s well-being. He also praised the attorneys’ general for taking steps to ensure the safety of young users.

Earlier on Tuesday, U.S. President Joe Biden, while addressing his State of the Union address, called for passing laws to ban the targeted ads coming across children active on social media.

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