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Tesla’s Gigafactory in Germany has been approved

However, Tesla must fulfil the conditions before starting the production



Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla’s Gigafactory plant in Germany, near Berlin, won approval on a conditional basis from the local officials on Friday. Reuters reported that the firm needs to satisfy several conditions before it can begin producing vehicles in the said plant, including the plant’s water consumption concerns.

The factory’s construction, which is pretty much complete, came to a halt and got delayed multiple times due to the protests and complaints raised by the environmental organisations in the region over the factory’s water consumption, and its potential harm and damage to the wildlife around the vicinity.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated that the Gigafactory plant will use “relatively little” water and has also argued that the removed forest at the site of the constructed plant was “not a natural forest” as it had been only cultivated to grow and make cardboard.

According to local environment minister Axel Vogel, Tesla aims to show compliance with the required standards within the next two weeks, although objections might be submitted during the following month.

Musk in 2019 had initially indicated he would site Tesla’s European gigafactory in Germany. He then referred to it as a “machine that creates machines.” Meanwhile, Tesla has indicated production of nearly 50,000 vehicles per year in Germany and employs 12,000 people at the facility.

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