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Tencent announces “Going Green” by 2030

The firms aims to reduce carbon emissions in its operations and supply chain



Tencent (a Chinese cloud and e-commerce company) has aimed to go green (carbon neutral) by 2030. This week, the corporation stated that it aims to reduce carbon emissions in its operations and supply chain by 2030 and intends to use green power (a subset of renewable energy that represents those renewable energy resources and technologies that provide the greatest environmental benefit) for 100 percent of its total electricity usage.

Tencent’s chairman and CEO Pony Ma said, “as a global technology leader, Tencent must assist the whole world to attain carbon neutrality, and it is also our vision’s integral part to use tech for good.” Adding to his words, “Not only do we believe this is the right thing to do for society but we are delighted to contribute to the global community’s progress toward a carbon-free and more sustainable future.”

Tencent’s cloud division, spread over 12 regions outside of mainland China, operates about 24 availability zones. With that said, the company’s total emissions in 2021 were about 5.111 million metric tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Tencent’s green report states that the company has pledged to purchase 504 million KWh of renewable energy in 2022 and has already secured six wind and solar projects for its annual partial generation capacity.

Various other Chinese firms have earlier announced their sustainability targets for becoming carbon neutral, including Alibaba, Chindata, Baidu, etc.

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