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Telecoms outage struck northeast Ukraine

This has been the most devastating outage since the invasion began



A scene at the Ukraine

Sumy Oblast in northeastern Ukraine has been hit by a telecommunications outage, resulting in one of the most catastrophic communications disruptions of the conflict thus far. An internet Shutdown watchdog NetBlocks, confirmed the blackout on March 3rd.

Major blasts were reported by the residents at a thermal power station and an electrical grid, reports NetBlocks. In addition, it also reported that Sumy Oblast wasn’t receiving data as well.

Social media users have reported a loss of heat, water, and electricity due to the damage caused to the Sumy combined heat and power (CHP) facility by the explosions.

Since the Russian invasion has begun, outages were recorded in Kharkiv and Kyiv, but this telecoms outage in Sumy Oblast is by far the most devastating one.

Concerns had been raised by some analysts about the widespread outage of the internet, which fortunately hasn’t occurred yet. However, some of the Ukrainians now have the access to SpaceX’s Starlink service known as the satellite internet.

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