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T-Mobile sells app usage data to advertisers; here’s how to opt-out

The company promotes this service, with the slogan “Apps speak louder than words”



T-Mobile sells app usage data to advertisers; here's how to opt-out

The advertising division of T-Mobile is now providing advertisers with a new opportunity to gain insights into your app usage patterns. According to Ad Exchanger, the un-carrier’s latest program, App Insights, is now fully functional after a year in beta. The programme enables third-party marketers to purchase T-Mobile user data and revolves around a vital piece of information that it has exclusive access to ‘what apps you use.’

Customer data is anonymised and aggregated with others who share similar interests and activities, so businesses cannot purchase a single user’s app history. Even so, it’s unsettling. On its website, the company’s advertising division prominently promotes this service, with the slogan “Apps speak louder than words” plastered across the top of the page. Additionally, it encourages potential customers to “leverage app insights, the strongest indicator of consumer intent.” That’s disgusting. Fortunately, you have the option to decline.

T-Mobile has an Android and iOS software called “Magenta Marketing Platform Choices” that allows you to view which organisations have access to your data and opt out completely. You can also utilise App Choices if you don’t want to, you know, download a T-Mobile app to opt-out of T-Mobile app monitoring. According to Ad Exchanger, iOS users are barred from participating in the scheme even if they have enabled app monitoring.

This type of invasive conduct by carriers is nothing new, and it is unlikely to improve. With firms like Google and Apple making it easier to opt out of monitoring, marketers are seeking new methods to gain insight into your online activities. T-Mobile is only the most recent in a long line of wireless operators to get in and offer such information.

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