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Storage Maintenance

Solid Systems Global delivers exceptional global service and support for data centre storage systems for OEMs including EMC, Hitachi, and NetApp. The uptime of your equipment is our top focus. We provide live, 24/7 accessible global call centres and flexible service level agreements to fulfil the storage lifecycle management demands of your data centre enterprises.
You may free up your internal technical team to concentrate on other important strategic IT tasks by outsourcing your storage hardware maintenance to Solid Systems Global. While offering enterprise-level 7/24/365 monitoring and maintenance service SLAs, SSG also reduces support expenditures for your company by 40% to 60% without sacrificing service quality.

Benefits of partnering with SSG for storage hardware maintenance services:

1. Regardless of manufacturer, Solid System Global acts as your single point of contact for all of your storage hardware support needs.

2. A high standard OEM level support for every piece of storage hardware, including devices that have been labelled EoSL (End of service life)

3. A substantial decrease in support and maintenance expenses of up to 60% on OEM equivalent contracts

4. Access to the inventory of spare parts, ensuring swift availability of the parts you require, with an increase in value over the course of the contract

Extending the lifespan of storage hardware and improving overall performance

Reduced Downtime

Our proactive monitoring and maintenance enables our engineers to frequently resolve storage issues before your team even realises there is a problem. Additionally, in case of an impending failure, our global support experts are available to perform hardware swaps and local repairs — frequently in as little as four hours. Additionally, our staff will proactively optimise performance to ensure you get the most out of all of your support storage assets.

Returns From Better Storage Hardware

In order to help your company get the most out of its capital investment, Solid Systems Global can help you extend the usable lifespan past the official EoSL. For arrays from prominent industry suppliers like Dell Technologies, NetApp and StorageTek, SSG offers specialised post-warranty storage support and maintenance (among others).
Our storage hardware maintenance support plans can extend the useful life of post-warranty hardware by three to five years, resulting in significant cost savings that can be allocated to other important IT initiatives.

Increased Efficieny of storage

Through regular health checks, our engineers are able to spot and fix potential issues before they have an impact on performance. Even more crucially, our OEM-qualified professionals carry out maintenance and optimization procedures in accordance with best-practice schedules to guarantee that everything keeps working.