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Square’s new Square stand combines the iPad with built-in payment readers for contactless payments

The new stand allows companies to utilise an iPad as a point-of-sale device



Second-Gen Square stand launched

Square rolled out its second-gen Square Stand POS (points of sale system) on Monday. The new stand allows companies to utilise an iPad as a point-of-sale device.

Square’s second-gen Stand combines an iPad with the Square POS app and built-in payment scanners for contactless payments such as Apple Pay and chip-enabled credit and debit cards. However, the previous version required a separate reader to take card or phone payments.

The redesigned Square Stand is a payment terminal that may be used by companies of various sizes. According to the New York Stock Exchange, the gadget is compatible with the latest iPads from 2021, 2020, and 2019. It’ll work with the iPad Air 2019 and the 10.5-inch Pro, too.

The new Square Stand has the same swivel design as the first-gen stand and can simply be turned towards a consumer at the time of checkout. There are a variety of payment options, including using Apple Pay on an iPhone or Apple Watch, touching a chip-enabled card, or inserting a chip-enabled card.

Source: Square

Square also claims that the stand includes new software, regarding which the company, in a press release, stated, “New software for Square Stand enables a speedier, more transparent checkout experience that includes an order summary screen and illuminated payment indicators on the device’s face to facilitate customer transactions and speed up purchases.”

Square added, “With these enhancements, vendors and buyers may enjoy the benefits of a customer display without having to use a second device.”

In the United States, the new Square Stand was made available to buy for $149 starting Monday. While in the United Kingdom, orders will begin in June. 

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