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Spotify’s failure to renew security certificate triggered massive podcast outage

It’s a minor blunder with major consequences



Spotify’s podcast platform, Megaphone, faced a massive outage

Due to an outage on Megaphone, a podcast hosting platform owned by Spotify, many podcast listeners were unable to access many of their favourite episodes for more than eight hours on Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Spotify’s failure to renew Megaphone’s security certificate triggered a massive outage.

Spotify’s representative Erin Styles stated in a statement, “Megaphone experienced a platform outage owing to a problem linked to our SSL certificate.”

He further stated that “Clients were unable to access the Megaphone CMS during the outage, and podcast listeners were unable to download podcast episodes hosted by Megaphone. Megaphone service has been restored since then.”

It’s a minor blunder with major consequences

It’s a minor blunder with major consequences. Megaphone, which inserts dynamic commercials throughout episodes, hosts many of the industry’s best shows. It also makes broadcasts available on platforms other than Spotify, such as Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Megaphone is where Spotify hosts many of its own licensed and owned shows. However, Styles stated that the business reached out to publishers affected by the outage.

Spotify paid $235 million to acquire Megaphone in December 2020. This acquisition made it the streamer’s largest buy in its effort to establish a comprehensive podcasting tech stack. Since then, Spotify has expanded Megaphone by acquiring and integrating various analytics tools. The tools include Podsights and Chartable, as well as radio-to-podcast technology Whooshkaa.

Spotify declined to comment on why Megaphone’s SSL certificate was allowed to expire and why it took so long to fix. According to Podnews, the certificate expired at 8 p.m. ET on Monday.

According to the platform’s status page, the problem was not addressed for another eight hours. Podcasters encountered difficulties with the Megaphone CMS even after it was restored just before 6 a.m. ET. However, the problem had been repaired as of 9:45 a.m. on 31st May, according to the company.

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