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Spotify purchases naming rights to FC Barcelona’s colossal stadium



Spotify acquired naming rights to FC Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium

Spotify has entered a legal sponsorship agreement with the Spanish soccer club FC Barcelona. Under this agreement, Spotify has acquired the naming rights to the colossal stadium. As a part of this agreement the world’s most iconic Soccer stadium “Camp Nou” is being renamed “Spotify Camp Nou.”

This agreement will also allow Spotify’s name to be featured on both the men’s and women’s soccer teams’ jerseys for the next four seasons, beginning 2022/23 season.

The agreement is still to be approved by FC Barcelona’s Delegate Members Assembly and might be approved in a vote scheduled for April 3rd. The deal is unlikely to fail as FC Barcelona is highly indebted and even attempted to sell a stake in its media production section last year.

Spotify will utilise its sponsorship to “amplify the work of artists” at Spotify Camp Nou, bringing “the worlds of music and football together, delivering a worldwide stage to athletes and musicians,” according to Alex Norström, Spotify’s chief freemium business officer.

The deal will reportedly be worth $310 million. According to SPORT, a Spanish publication, it could have been worth more if the team had a greater percentage of “registered” supporters.  According to the estimate, only about 1% of the club’s 350 million followers are registered.

“Spotify is engaging with Barça to let Spotify access in-stadium components to enhance artists and promote discovery,” Norström explained. This could mean that Spotify might be investing in digital stadium adverts that alter depending on your location and the channel you’re viewing the game on.

Norström said Spotify is thinking about “other exciting pieces”, which the company will reveal later this year.

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