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Spotify has closed its Russian office

Spotify will be continuing its streaming services in Russia, though



Vladimir Putin and Spotify Logo

Spotify has shuttered its Russian headquarters and pulled content from state-backed media such as RT and Sputnik. The music streaming giant is also limiting the accessibility of content from other Russian government-affiliated sources.

Reuters has reported the removal of content, backed by RT and Sputnik, from various markets, including the U.S. as well as the European Union. However, not in the Russian market itself. Spotify claims that it has even evaluated several pieces of content since the war began.

According to the Russian law that started in July 2021, international social media companies with more than 500,000 daily users are required to maintain a local presence in the country. However, Spotify’s decision to close its office indicates that it will no longer be following the law. And failing to comply with the regulation means that the firm’s services might be interrupted or even face a ban in the country.

Spotify will be continuing its streaming services in Russia, though. Spotify thinks that it’s critically important to try to keep our service operational in Russia to allow for the global flow of information.

Spotify stated in a statement that its “top focus over the past week has been the safety of its staff and ensuring that Spotify continues to serve as an essential source of global and regional news at a time when access to information is more critical than ever.”

Spotify is the latest firm to join in the efforts to restrict Russia-backed media outlets from reaching the masses. Earlier, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok blocked the accounts of these media outlets on their platforms just to show support for the war-hit Ukraine.

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