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SpaceX’s Starlink is now available to ship in 32 countries globally

The Company says it’ll ship Starlink kits “immediately”



SpaceX’s Starlink is now available to ship in 32 countries globally

SpaceX’s satellite internet service Starlink is expanding its coverage and is now available in 32 countries globally, the company announced on Friday. According to SpaceX, if you buy from an “available” location, the Starlink kit will be dispatched “immediately,” in contrast to previous issues that prompted customers to wait months for their kits.

On Twitter, Starlink shared an image of the service’s availability map, which shows three distinct hues of blue, indicating places where the service is “available,” “on the waitlist,” and “coming soon.”

SpaceX’s Starlink availability map suggests that it is “available” over most parts of Europe and North America, as well as parts of South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Many of the remaining parts of the globe, including the entire African continent, are marked as “Coming Soon,” with availability expected at various points in 2023.

Since the Starlink programme entered beta late last year, SpaceX has been progressively extending it. It began serving users in a dozen countries in September 2021, increasing to 25 countries in February 2022.

So, it is noteworthy that Starlink currently covers 32 countries, up from just 25 earlier this year. More astounding is the number of countries where SpaceX claims to deliver dishes to customers immediately, as the service’s subreddit has been filled with stories of customers having to wait months for their orders to be delivered.

Starlink has just increased its prices recently, with monthly service and the one-time dish purchase increasing from $99 to $110 and $499 to $549, respectively. However, it’s also improved considerably; the Portability feature, which was launched earlier this month, allows customers to take their Starlink internet with them when travelling for an extra $25 monthly subscription.

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