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Sony’s ‘Hey Play Station!’ voice command in tests for PS5

New software beta for PS5 released



Sony had announced yesterday to release its new software beta for PS5 on Wednesday i.e today. The beta software will bring in various changes including the party chat updates, new UI settings, and the newest one, which might sound cool though, is the voice command feature ‘Hey Play Station!’

Sony’s blog about the beta says that PS5 will have all the ears for “Hey PlayStation!” voice command. This voice command would let the users find & open games, apps, and settings. In addition, it will also help control playback during a show or a song.

Moreover, Sony has also planted settings to turn off the feature if someone doesn’t want to use it and the English language is used for the voice commands for the beta users with accounts registered in the US and the UK.

Some changes to party chats/parties (formerly known as Voice Chats) are also included in the beta software, where a user can now choose to opt for an open or closed party. It means a user can now control who they want to join in the party without an invitation i.e (an open party) or a closed one. However, there’s a catch that only the ones using beta software are allowed to join parties for now.

A few other features to bring to your notice are the ability to place certain games or apps on the Home Screen, updates to the design of trophy cards, and more screen reader languages.

For now, the software will only be available to beta users. However, Sony says that all of these features in the betas may not make it to the final release and the final software updates for PS5 will be made available globally for everyone later this year.

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