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Sony’s cross-promotion offers PS4 owners a free Apple TV Plus service for three months



Sony’s yet another announcement of cross-promotion with Apple TV Plus offers its last-gen console users a free three months of the premium Apple TV Plus subscription.

However, the user must be owning a last-gen PS4 console and should not be a current subscriber of the service to be eligible for the free upgrade. After the free subscription ends, a regular monthly fee of $4.99 will be charged if the user wishes to continue with the service.

Last summer, a similar promo was offered to PS5 owners, where they got six months of the free Apple TV Plus service. Users can redeem any of the promos until July 22nd this year.

As PS5 deliveries are still hampered by the shortages, though it’s selling well, but not as well as the PS4 is till this stage in its lifetime. Saying this indicates that PS4 has a much larger install base than PS5. Thus making it obvious to extend the ongoing promo offer to broaden the pool of consumers who qualify.

As this deal gives PS4 owners nearly four months to redeem their three-month free service, it’s a wonderful opportunity to join up for the service and cover the release of an anticipated new series and movies, among other things.

However, redeeming this offer requires an Apple ID and a PlayStation Network account. Jump into the TV and Video section of your PS4 to download and launch the Apple TV Plus app. Move along with the on-screen instructions to log in to your Apple ID or create a new one and enjoy three months of instantly added free Apple TV Plus subscription to your account.  

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