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Sony is officially upgrading 2021 Bravia XR TVs with VRR Software

It’s finally rolled out



Sony Bravia XR TV's VRR feature

Sony has begun pushing out Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) upgrades to its 2021 Bravia XR-powered TVs. The upgrade comes a year after Sony first announced the functionality to be made available while launching the TVs.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), is a functionality that allows the TVs to smooth out any occurrence of glitches or decreased frame rate while gaming.

It’s strange that Sony’s specific consoles made for gaming, like the PlayStation 5, still aren’t supporting the VRR feature yet, which should have been necessarily made available for the so said gaming console. The company had earlier promised of introducing the capability through a software upgrade, but, there hasn’t been any hint of bringing it to the surface. 

However, Xbox Series X, and S, do support the VRR feature, and even any gaming PC with the latest graphics card (most probably GTX 10-series or the later ones) would. 

Rolling out this feature did take more time than expected, but not to forget that “it’s better late than never”. With the VRR feature, users can now utilise the TV’s 120Hz refresh rate without having to worry about the sudden and temporary decrease in the frame rate, ruining the flow and smoothest playing experience.

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