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Samsung outperforms TSMC in production of 3nm chips

Promises 45% less energy consumption and 23% higher performance



Samsung outperforms TSMC in production of 3nm chips

According to Bloomberg, Samsung has begun manufacturing 3nm chips, beating rival chip producer TSMC to the more power-efficient production process. Mass manufacturing of TSMC’s 3nm technology is not anticipated to begin until the second half of 2022.

According to Samsung, the new fabrication technique uses 45 percent less energy than its previous 5nm technology. And the new process has a 23% higher performance and a 16% smaller surface area. In the future, it expects its second-generation 3nm technique to reduce size and power consumption by 50% and 35% respectively while increasing performance by 30%.

The announcement made by Samsung is an extremely significant step in its efforts to compete with TSMC. TSMC leads the market for contract chip production & is the manufacturer of Apple’s chips for its iPhones, iPads, and Macs. According to Bloomberg, Samsung will be unable to compete with TSMC’s market share unless it can demonstrate that the cost-efficiency of its new 3nm process is competitive with the industry leader.

Samsung claims the chips would first be developed for “high performance, low power computing” applications. But that they will ultimately find their way to mobile devices. According to Bloomberg, the chips would initially be produced in S. Korea at its Hwaseong facility before moving on to Pyeongtaek. The company’s upcoming chip facility in Texas, which early reports said may potentially be capable of producing 3nm chips, is not expected to begin commercial production until 2024.

The site of chip manufacturing has been under intense scrutiny due to the recent worldwide chip shortage, with the US, Europe, and China competing to encourage corporations to increase local chip production.

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