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Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft are getting Android 12L update

A new Android version, more suitable for tablets and foldable devices



Android 12L

Android 12L, a new Android version meant to be more suitable for tablets and foldable devices, is coming to Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft. These companies are the first device makers, committed to launching Android 12L to their devices.  

Andrei Popescu, Google’s VP of engineering for Android, confirmed the development in a blog post, stating that 12L will be available on handsets from the three businesses later this year.

Android 12L has several improvements meant to make greater use of larger displays. A new notification shade splits fast tiles and notifications into distinct columns, a two-column layout for settings and the setup process, and a taskbar that allows you to pick programs to run side by side.

12L is a specific new version of Android that will only be available on select tablets and foldable devices, although it appears that future mainline Android versions will feature its UI upgrades.

“We’ll keep developing new features and functions to help you get the most out of your larger-screen devices in Android 13 and beyond,” Popescu says.

Lenovo’s announcement comes as no surprise, given that its P12 Pro tablet can currently run a test version of Android 12L. It’s unclear which devices from the other two firms will receive the upgrade – likely Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2, while any variety of Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets or Z Fold phones might support the new software.

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