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Roku in Solidarity with Ukraine          

Roku removes RT from its Channel Store



Roku in solidarity with Ukraine

Roku has now removed RT (formerly Russia Today), a Russia-backed news channel, from its Roku Channel store everywhere in the world, which includes its US market too.

Roku representative Kimberly Sampson, Tuesday in a statement to The Verge, said, “We are removing RT from the Roku Channel Store globally, including the United States.” Before this statement, Roku had already confirmed terminating the channel from its European market.

After DirecTV decided to drop the said news channel, Roku placed its steps in the same direction in solidarity with Ukraine. DirecTV spokesperson Nicholas Ammazzalorso in a statement to The Verge, said, “Accelerating this year’s contract expiry schedule and will no longer offer their programmes effective immediately.”

Several other organisations have earlier taken steps against the Russian-backed media, including the popularly known tech giants like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Roku and DirecTV are the latest organisations added to the list of content distributors who have barred the Russian media following the country’s move to invade Ukraine.

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