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Alleged Pixel 7 prototype leaked on eBay ahead of its official launch

Months before its expected late fall release



Alleged Pixel 7 prototype leaked on eBay ahead of its official launch

An alleged prototype of Google’s forthcoming Pixel 7 smartphone has been listed on eBay. The listed prototype provides a first brief look at the new phone in reality, months before its expected late fall release. (via Android guru Mishaal Rahman)

Alleged Pixel 7 prototype fits what Google has already displayed

The phone was recently announced a few weeks ago at Google I/O, and everything seen in the prototype fits what Google has already displayed. The iconic camera bar is back, and this year it’s made of aluminium carrying the camera cutouts.

The claimed prototype’s casing is dark black, similar to one of the hues Google showed off during I/O.

The eBay offering contains a few shots of the device’s front, back, and sides. Though there’s not much to see that isn’t already seen in Google’s official renderings. According to an image of the phone switched on, it contains 128GB of storage. This implies that Google will offer a 128GB model as an option for the final phone.

The phone’s model is GVU6C, according to a screenshot. And one shot suggests that this eBay seller may have also gotten their hands on a Pixel 7 Pro. Since one image of the Pixel 7 prototype reflects what seems to be the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera bar.

This is just the latest huge pre-release leak of a Pixel gadget, which has a history of making unexpected appearances dating back to the first phone to bear the name.

A Pixel Watch prototype was reportedly discovered at a restaurant soon before the smartwatch’s introduction at Google I/O. A mention of the Pixel 6A first emerged in a colouring book in January. A few weeks before Google officially announced the Pixel 6 Pro, someone shot what seemed to be a test unit.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a few months for additional information on the Pixel 7. The phones aren’t expected to arrive until the fall, and if previous years are any indicator, a launch event in October is likely. Until then, these eBay photographs may be our best look at the forthcoming phone.

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