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Peloton machines now integrate Apple Watch functionality via its fitness app

This integration will allow you to opt to record the exercises.



A man connecting Apple Watch to Peloton Machine

Peloton’s original Bike, Bike Plus, and Tread now come with Apple Watch connectivity, making it easier for Apple Watch users to “close their rings,” (an Apple Watch activity app known for its three rings).

Peloton’s blog states that whenever users begin a session on the machines, the Watch app will inform the users by displaying a notification on their watches. You will also get a notification even when the sessions are only started using an app. If you want to keep track of your exercises, including those included in the workout, you can also opt to record the exercises.

Sometimes you may wish to use your watch as a heart rate monitoring sensor to view Peloton’s Strive Score feature. You can do it by manually enabling the function. This Peloton feature is a measure that indicates the time spent by users in each of the heart rate zones. Enabling this feature will also make logging Peloton exercises in Apple’s Activity app easier.

To enable this feature, a one-time manual procedure needs to be followed as the integration is not automatic. However, before processing the user needs to ensure that the Peloton app is installed on both the devices i.e the Apple Watch and your phone as well.

The steps to enable the feature are:

  1. Open the Peloton App on your phone and select the “More” option.
  2. Choose “Apple Watch”
  3. A new interface opens up, choose “Set Up”
  4. Another, screen pops up, select the option “Connect to Health app,” launching the Health app.
  5. Here you get the options to select whatever health permissions you’re comfortable with, but denying certain metrics may have an impact on how effectively the integration functions. Then, return to the Peloton app and tap “Done.” After following all these steps, press “Allow” as soon as the permission related to the notifications pops up in the Apple Watch software.

Peloton confirmed that the integration will allow users to track their workouts across all Peloton machines.

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