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Network Maintenance

Network Services that are resilient and reliable are crucial in facilitating a smooth flow of information across your company. Solid Systems Global ensures an undisruptive flow of internal and external network switches that makes data accessible as and when required to support enterprise operations and facilitate quick strategic decision-making. Solid System Global offers world-class optimization, support and network maintenance services for OEMs like Cisco, Brocade, Avaya and HPE.


Using the expertise and experience of our OEM-certified engineers and multi-vendor services, we promise to offer a completely customizable range of support services for network hardware including switches, routers, and fibre channels. Our team ensures that data moves freely throughout your business while upholding the highest availability and security standards.
The post-warranty network support & maintenance services of Solid System Global ensure that networking hardware is maintained in accordance with the OEM-specified standards for optimal performance and cost saving, assuring customers that their networking equipment will continue to work as expected.
Moreover, adhering to the routine maintenance procedures will extend the hardware’s lifespan much past the vendor-specified EoSL date, increasing return on investment.

Benefits of SSG Network support and maintenance:

Management of network devices

We configure network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers, etc. to capture logging messages and forward them to another server. So that whenever an interface or the CPU shuts down we receive an e-mail and can see what is going on.


We log any changes that are made to the network. We use change management to notify the relevant personnel of planned network changes. Whenever a change is made to a network device, it is reported and acknowledged before it is implemented.

Network performance

Network performance is monitored on all LAN and WAN links so we know when things go wrong. QoS (Quality of Service) is configured on the appropriate interfaces.

Security management:

We have created a security policy and implemented it by using firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion prevention systems. We use AAA (Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting) servers to validate user credentials. Our team logs any breaches to our network and takes appropriate action.

Key Features Of Network Support and Maintenance Services


You can concentrate on using your network rather than managing the systems that serve it as our specialists are dedicated to performing routine maintenance of equipment to ensure that they are operating properly. This helps decrease downtime and enhances overall availability. We also always keep a full inventory of hardware spares in order to conduct replacements and repairs whenever needed.


Solid System Global may significantly increase the lifespan of your network hardware by maintaining OEM standards and keeping it in top working order. Your network investments will yield a higher return the longer your devices are in use, adding to the value of your collaboration with SSG.


Equipment that isn’t well maintained is more likely to malfunction or run inefficiently. The 24/7 network assistance and upkeep services from Solid System Global will ensure that high-performance levels are maintained, and potential problems are avoided.