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Netflix’s “two thumbs up” rating option is a newer way to express more affection toward a content

It’s the most significant shift in Netflix’s user content ratings in five years



Netflix's "two thumbs up" rating feature introduced

Netflix’s “two thumbs up” button is the new rating option incorporated into the service’s list to give users the option to express their love for a TV show or movie on its platform. According to Netflix, the new feature would provide the streaming service with vital information about customer preferences, allowing it to fine-tune content suggestions.

It’s the most significant shift in Netflix’s user content ratings in five years, when the streamer ditched the five-star system in favour of the thumbs up/down paradigm, claiming that binary alternatives gave a more trustworthy data set on which to base recommendations.

“We’ve heard from members that there’s a distinction between something they enjoy and something they truly love,” Christine Doig-Cardet, Netflix’s head of product innovation, said. “We’re giving them more control and agency over what is being shown to them.”

Two thumbs up will be a stronger signal to send into the content-recommendation algorithm than a single thumbs up. If you like “Bridgerton,” for example, you could see other episodes or films featuring the actors, as well as other titles from Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland.

In the second half of 2021, Netflix performed worldwide “two thumbs up” tests, which were followed by many rounds of interviews and surveys. Many members returned to titles they had previously viewed to give them a double thumbs-up, resulting in a significant spike in use.

The company introduced a Top 10 row in 2020, a Play Something feature in 2021, and the opportunity to change the Continue Watching row on all platforms early this year.

Starting Monday, the new “two thumbs up” option started displaying alongside the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on all platforms, including linked TVs, the web, and Android and iOS mobile devices, and will roll out globally throughout the week.

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