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Microsoft unveils the Surface Hub2 Smart Camera with 1 teraflop of computing power



Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera unveiled

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera. According to the company, it is the finest “professional grade” camera and its first AI-powered camera. It also has one teraflop of computing power.

To improve meeting quality, the Smart Hub 2 Smart Camera has automatic reframing, a wide field of view, and image correction options.

Steven Bathiche, Microsoft’s corporate VP of Windows and Devices, explains, “Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera reframes, adjusts illumination, and permits extraordinarily broad fields of view. And all this comes without any warping, distortions, or depth-of-field difficulties that may otherwise limit what is viewable.”

He added, “The team worked tirelessly to fine-tune the experience such that it captured and framed what was happening in the room while remaining seamless and natural for remote viewers or participants.”

The camera includes a 12-megapixel sensor, a 136-degree field of vision, and a computing/processing power of 1 teraflop. Microsoft is combining this capability with an algorithm that automatically adjusts for distortions, tilt, and wide-angle adjustments. This combination helps ensure that things remain true to life. Moreover, it enables the Smart camera to recognise everyone in the room and keep them visible throughout the meetings.

The Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera magnetically attaches to the top of a Surface Hub 2 and a USB-C mount. It’s built for the Surface Hub 2 and is available separately for $799.99. Beginning May 31st, it will be available paired with the 85-inch Surface Hub 2S for $21,999.99.

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