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Microsoft mistakenly releases Windows 11 for unsupported PCs

“It’s a bug, and the right team is investigating it.”



Microsoft mistakenly releases Windows 11 for unsupported PCs

Members of the Windows Insider Program were treated to a pleasant surprise earlier today when Microsoft mistakenly rolled out the next feature upgrade to everyone in the Release Preview. For those who are unaware, even if you join the Insider Program, Windows 11 will not be available on unsupported PCs.

Microsoft launched Windows 11 22H2 in the Release Preview Channel on Tuesday, indicating that the next major Windows upgrade is a step closer to a broader public release. Mica for Win32 programmes, drag-and-drop, an improved Start menu, a new Task Manager, and other features are included in this update.

However, not long after the feature update was released in the Release Preview Channel, some users began receiving it on their unsupported PCs. A notice for version ’22H2′ appeared on both unsupported Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices enrolled in the Release Preview Channel.

Image: AceRimmer412 (Reddit)

Users on Reddit reported that their unsupported devices received the RTM build of Windows 11 22H2. Stating, however, it appears that Microsoft rolled out the upgrade by mistake and hasn’t modified the prerequisites.

Even if you’re a member of the Release Preview Channel and have an unsupported PC, Windows 10 doesn’t download the feature update right away. Version 22H2 is fully optional, and users must first complete one or more prompts before proceeding with the installation.

Microsoft acknowledged that the rollout was a mistake

It’s quite rare for Microsoft to accidentally roll out an update to devices. And this blunder doesn’t indicate that Windows 11 is now supported on more PCs.

Microsoft attempted to clarify matters in a statement, claiming that there are no plans to amend the standards.

Microsoft is aware of the mistake. On Windows Insider official Twitter account it states, “It’s a bug, and the right team is investigating it”

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