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Microsoft makes it much easier to restore apps on new Windows 11 PC

Consumers who move PCs frequently may greatly benefit from the restore apps feature on Windows 11.



Microsoft makes it much easier to restore apps on new Windows 11 PC

Microsoft is getting an app restoring feature to its Microsoft Store on Windows 11. The software company will soon begin testing a new feature that will allow you to restore apps to your new Windows 11 PC. The current Microsoft Store does not provide seamless app restoration, forcing Windows users to manually install apps from their library.

General manager of the Microsoft Store, Giorgio Sardo, says, “To make it easier for customers to transition to their new PCs quickly and seamlessly, we will soon test a new feature in the Windows Insider channel that helps customers automatically restore their apps, previously installed from the Microsoft Store, to their new Windows device.” In addition, he says, “This will also help developers retain their customers without having to remind customers to re-download their app.”

Consumers who move PCs frequently or developers who utilise virtual machines and different devices regularly may greatly benefit from the ability to restore apps on Windows 11. To get a similar, albeit more powerful, experience, Windows users earlier had to rely on third-party package managers.

More applications in the Microsoft Store will be required for this new restoration option to have a significant impact. With apps like Firefox, Zoom, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and OBS Studio all accessible in the marketplace, it is evident that things have been improving over the last year. However, many apps are still missing, and Microsoft has attempted to fix this by eliminating the win32 application waitlist and opening up the store to all app developers starting Tuesday.

Microsoft is also enhancing how Windows 11 users discover apps, with Store app results appearing in search results if customers use search to look for an app. This new app search function in the Start menu will be available to Windows Insiders soon. In a piece of related news, Microsoft also plans to provide third-party widget compatibility in Windows 11 later this year.

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