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Meta is widely deploying Reels on Facebook

The feature resembles Reels in Instagram



The Reels feature on Meta’s popular social media platform Facebook has been launched widely and is now available both on its iOS and Android apps in more than 150 countries.

Besides the expanded access to the Reels, new editing features are bundled into the Facebook version of the platform, and expanding advertising options are available too.

Reels users on Facebook will be able to upload 60-second clips and even duet or “remix” other users’ videos. In addition, Facebook Reels users will also be able to save the unfinished reels as drafts. For now, the reels can only be shared on the news feed but will soon be available to share in more places on Facebook. Meta said that “over the coming weeks,” users will have access to share Reels in Stories and the Watch Tab on Facebook.

Increased monetization adverts (ads) will also be added to the Facebook Reels. The ads will be in two new formats. One will be the banner ads appearing “as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel” and the other format “that can be placed by a creator anywhere within their reel,” called static sticker ads.

Creators around all the countries where in-stream ads are available will also be given access to the company’s (Meta) ad-placement program and Paid stars (which is a way for fans to donate directly to the creators).

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