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Meta is planning to bring its metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds, to the web  

Meta is also working to bring Horizon to mobile phones later this year



Meta plans to bring Horizon worlds to web and mobile

Meta is working to extend its social metaverse (virtual reality) platform, Horizon Worlds, to the web, Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth revealed in a tweet. The program’s availability on the web would represent a significant expansion for the platform, which is presently only available on its Quest VR headsets.

Confirming it to The Verge, Meta VP of Horizon, Vivek Sharma, said that Meta is working to bring Horizon to mobile phones later this year. Moreover, the company is in “early discussions” to launch the game on consoles too.

Image from Meta

Bosworth’s tweet related to the platform’s web version was part of a thread defending Meta’s 47.5% cut of Horizon Worlds revenue. According to CNBC, this includes a 30 percent “hardware platform fee” for sales made through the Meta Quest Store, which offers apps and games for its virtual reality headsets. Horizon Worlds will also charge a fee of 17.5 percent.

Bosworth stated that when the web version of Horizon Worlds opens, the sales charge will be 25%, avoiding the 30% cut that the Quest Store takes. He pointed out that this is “a substantially lower rate when compared to other similar world-building platforms.” This implies that if you buy a digital item on the web version of Horizon Worlds, the designer will receive a higher percentage of the sale than if you buy the identical thing in the VR version.

Meta’s ambitions to provide online and mobile versions of its virtual world might be interpreted as a means for the corporation to attract more people to Horizon Worlds by eliminating the requirement for Quest VR gear.

However, there remains the question of whether a web and mobile version of the platform will undermine Meta’s concept of the metaverse. Given that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions the metaverse as a “successor to the mobile internet,” where you’ll be able to accomplish things you can’t do in real life, it’s unclear how a web and mobile version of Horizon Worlds would fit into this vision.

Bosworth did not elaborate on the web version of the virtual world, nor did he provide any specifics about how it would function or when it might be released.

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