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Intel’s server chip roadmap at its annual Investor Day show

The Company is splitting its data center processors into two paths



Intel at its annual Investor Day show detailed its server chip roadmap. The company stated to have split its data center processors into two paths. One is the P-Core (Performance core) that defines itself to focus on the best available performance and the other is E-Core (Efficiency Core), the one optimized for the best energy efficient workloads in the cloud.

Intel 3 processors are progressing better than expected and the company is moving the product a year earlier than 2025. In the P-Core chip segment, 2024’s Intel’s Granite Rapids Xeon SP v6 CPU chip will be on Intel 3 processors, following the 2022’s 56 core-Sapphire Rapids and Emerald Rapids, which are both Intel 7.

Coming to the E-Core, an Intel 3 ‘Sierra Forrest’ CPU is in plans to launch in 2024 and a few unknown follow-up processors whose details weren’t revealed by the company yet. The E-Core product was developed at the request of some hyperscale cloud companies, said Intel.

P-Core chips are envisioned to serve workloads like Artificial intelligence (AI), High-Performance Computing (HPC), and databases while the company says that the E-Core will be best for highly-parallel latency-tolerant workloads such as high-density Virtual Machine (VM) deployments, data analytics, and front-end web services.

Intel also teased the ‘Arctic Sound-M’ platform, which includes a DG2 GPU (known as Intel Alchemist) targeted for media encoding and analytics market as the first server accelerator with hardware AV1 video encoding.

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