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Intel intends to invest $36 billion in semiconductor manufacturing facilities in six European countries



Intel Expanding in Europe

Intel, a US chipmaker, has announced plans to establish a massive semiconductor manufacturing facility in Germany. The company will also expand or build in five other European countries as part of a €33 billion ($36 billion) EU chip investment.

Intel has confirmed its plans to build a massive chip manufacturing plant with an investment of €17 billion ($18.6bn) in Magdeburg, Germany. In addition, it intends to develop a research and development (R&D) centre in France. In Italy, it intends to spend €4.5 billion ($4.93 billion) on a chip assembly and packaging unit.

Moreover, Intel has also planned to increase its lab presence in Poland. Apart from that, it will launch a lab in collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to explore “zettascale computing” in Spain. Zettascale computing refers to hypothetical supercomputers having one zettaflop of performance (1 zetta-FLOPS). A zettaflop is equal to a thousand exaflops.

Furthermore, Intel wants to double its existing chip factory in Ireland with a €12 billion ($13.14 billion) expansion.

The corporation anticipates generous state subsidies to help partly fund the development. But it has also warned its investors that the spending spree would have an impact on short-term profitability.

Intel said it plans to invest $88 billion in Europe over the next decade.

In addition, the chipmaker is constructing a $20 billion semiconductor fabrication facility in Columbus, Ohio, and is investing $5.4 billion in Israeli fab startup Tower Semiconductor.

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