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Instagram slashes creators’ payouts by 70% under its Reels Play bonus programme

Payouts under this programme varied from $600 to $35,000



Instagram Reels Play bonus program payouts slashed by 70%

Instagram has slashed the payouts to the creators by 70% under its Reels Play programme.

As The Financial Times reports, payouts per view have plummeted by 70%, and videos require extra millions of views before creators can be compensated.

Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus Program pays artists who post to the platform’s (Tik-Tok styled) short-form video feature dubbed “Reels.” Payouts vary from $600 to $35,000 if videos gain a certain number of views. The bonus programme announced in July 2021, is part of Meta’s commitment to give $1 billion to Instagram artists by 2022.

According to the creators, changes in the compensation mechanism, were not disclosed by the corporation officially. A creator informed the Financial Times that his customised criteria for getting paid up to $35,000 had increased from 58 million views to 359 million views, without any explanation from Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta’s spokesperson would not confirm whether creator rewards had been reduced or personal view objectives for creators had been increased.

The spokesperson said, “We’re currently testing Reels Play on Instagram and Facebook, which means bonus payouts may fluctuate as we refine our pricing models. Our goal is to ensure that the best Reels content gets rewarded on our platforms.” 

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