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Instagram rolls out Parental Controls feature in the US



Instagram Parental Contol rolls out in the US

Instagram’s earlier December announcements introduced its new Parental Controls. And now, the social media platform has made the feature available in the United States.

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, refers to these tools as the platform’s “first set” of parental supervision tools. He says the “Parental Controls” feature will allow parents or guardians to observe and set limits on the time their children spend on Instagram. He adds that parents will get updates on which accounts their children are following and are being followed by. Moreover, they’ll receive notifications when their children report any other users.

The controls are being implemented in response to the criticism Meta-owned social networks have faced for their influence on younger users. As per the company’s previously leaked internal data, Instagram usage has a negative impact on the mental health of its younger users.

Instagram says that teenagers, for now, will need to initiate the monitoring function through its app on their mobile devices. However, in June, it will allow parents and guardians to initiate the process, but the teenagers/children will have to permit them for doing so. Additional capabilities, such as the ability to restrict when a teen may access Instagram, are also on the way.

Instagram’s features are part of Meta’s larger attempt to provide greater help to parents and guardians worried about their adolescents’ usage of its platforms. It is also unveiled a new Family Center, which the firm claims will ultimately provide a one-stop-shop for obtaining monitoring tools across all of Meta’s products. It includes an education area with articles, videos, tutorials, and guidance on how to communicate to teenagers about social media. In addition, Meta is introducing additional parental controls for its Quest VR headsets.

Despite Instagram’s monitoring tools being only available in the United States, for the time being, Mosseri believes they will be available internationally in the following months.

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