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Indie Games bundle with over 900 games raises over $2.5 million to support Ukraine

With the minimum donation amount of $10



Ukrainian flag

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Brandon Sheffield of Necrosoft Games created the Bundle for Ukraine on overnight.

An independent developer-led movement to gather funds for NGOs delivering help in Ukraine has already garnered more than $2.5 million, with $4 million as the goal to be accomplished.

The bundle that is being hosted by Necrosoft Games was created collaboratively by over 700 creators who are providing their content to benefit Ukraine. Over 900 games and more are compiled in the bundle, with all sales benefiting the organisations delivering relief assistance across the nation.

The bundle’s description says, “The people of Ukraine are under attack, and as game creators, we want to build new worlds, not ruin the ones we already have.” That is why we have come together to give this charity package in order to assist Ukrainians to survive this unpleasant and prolonged experience and develop after the conflict. “

Players can acquire a complete buffet of games for a $10 minimum donation, including Skatebird, Superhot, and much more. The bundle contains books, miniature RPGs, game materials, comics, soundtracks, and more, in addition to games. 

All revenues will be divided equally between the “International Medical Corps,” which assists civilians in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, and “Voices Of Children”, which provides psychiatric assistance to children traumatised by conflict.

The page further reads that it stands in solidarity with Ukrainians and all people throughout the world who hate war. The Ukraine Bundle will be available till Friday, March 18th.

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