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Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ declares war on Russia

After Anonymous’ declaration, RT’s websites became the target of enormous DDoS attacks



Anonymous, a decentralized multinational activist and hacktivist group and organization, most known for its multiple assaults against various countries, political institutions, government agencies, and companies, has declared an open cyberwar on Russia.

An account linked to Anonymous on February 25th openly declaring its intentions tweeted, “The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber-war against the Russian government.”

The hacker group “Anonymous” claims credit for the various cyber disasters caused to Russian websites, including the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks that have left Russia’s government websites and even the state-backed news service Russia Today unreachable.

The hacker group also claimed to have hacked the Ministry of Defense database. Earlier on Sunday, it was claimed that pro-Ukraine content, including patriotic songs and images from the invasion, was also being posted on the Russian state TV channels after being hacked.

A consultant at US cybersecurity firm Mandiant, Jamie Collier, said: “It can be difficult to directly tie this activity to Anonymous, as targeted entities will likely be reluctant to publish related technical data.” Moreover, the Anonymous collective has been conducting these sorts of activities in the past, and it is very much in line with their capabilities.

Russia Today says Anonymous is the organization to be blamed for the website’s issues. It also claims that the attacks were generated from the US after the group issued its “declaration of war”. Russia Today’s spokeswoman, said, “After Anonymous’ declaration, RT’s websites became the target of enormous DDoS attacks from some 100 million devices, largely headquartered in the United States.”

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