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Google’s “Ukrainian Alarm” app alerts Android users in Ukraine to now reach safe shelters

Earlier, Google had asked users to download third-party apps



Google Android with Ukraine flag in the background

Google announced that Android users in Ukraine will receive air raid notifications straight on their phones before predicted assaults take place nearby.

In a new blog post, the business stated that it is collaborating with the Ukrainian government to implement an alert system for Android phones in the nation. XDA-Developers was the first to notice the functionality.

Google has already started to highlight the Ukrainian Alarm app on the Google Play Store, which provides air raid warnings to Ukrainians living in areas where alerts are active. The vice president of engineering for Android, Dave Burke, said the new notifications system will be rolled out to all Android phones in Ukraine over the next several days.

While announcing the rollout, Google said, “Tragically, millions of civilians in Ukraine now rely on air raid notifications to try to flee to safe havens.” Dave Burke says that the signals on the Android will be based on the alerts issued by the Ukrainian government. The message reads “The Ukrainian government issued an alert for (a given location and time). Take urgent refuge.” The app functions in the same manner that any other alerting app, such as the Earthquake Alert app, does.

In response to Russia’s Ukraine invasion, Google has already started reducing its operations in Russia, which includes halting all advertising sales and deleting Russia-backed Google Play Store apps across Europe.

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