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Google’s mysterious Tablet may support third-party styluses

Google’s forthcoming Pixel Tablet may support the cross-manufacturer USI



Google's mysterious Tablet may support third-party styluses

According to a recently found inclusion in the USI’s list of certified products, Google’s forthcoming Pixel Tablet may support the cross-manufacturer USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) standard, allowing it to be used with a variety of third-party styluses.

The item, discovered by NuGiz, identifies a Google’s mystery gadget with the product name “Tangor” and the model number “Tablet,” which are likely placeholder names for the Android-powered tablet that Google revealed at Google I/O earlier this month.

Google embraced the USI, an industry-wide stylus standard, in 2018. It’s already available on several Chromebooks, allowing them to work with a variety of styluses from various manufacturers.

Even though the fact that there are several proprietary stylus / Android tablet products (such as Samsung’s S Pen for its Galaxy tablets), no tablets have been approved to function with the universal USI standard.

The USI released version 2.0 of the standard earlier this year. This version contains a new wireless charging function, similar to what Apple offers with the Apple Pencil 2 and certain iPads, that might allow compatible styluses to be charged simply by placing them close to a supported device.

However, it’s unknown which version of the Google’s tablet will be supported.

As 9to5Google points out, it’s odd that Google’s tablet has emerged in the USI database so soon after the company announced a 2023 release date.

The listing initially appeared sometime after January, according to the Wayback Machine.

However, if it proves to be true, it would be a fascinating development because it would be the first Android device to do so, perhaps signaling a shift in the Android ecosystem as a whole.

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