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Google workers handed a petition requesting longer notice periods and assistance for laid-off staff



Google Cloud workers Petition

Google’s workers throughout the corporation signed a petition on Monday demanding longer notice periods and greater assistance for laid-off staff. This came in as they learned about the lay-offs from the reports circulating in media.

Google managers hadn’t informed the employees of them being laid-off, while around 100 Google Cloud employees found out the same via media reports.

According to the petition signed by over 1,400 employees, 100 employees were given 60 days to try to find other employment inside Google, but the firm did not provide enough information or opportunity for them to do so.

As per the statement by the authors of the petition, “Google has maintained that workers are just being offered the choice to transfer to other roles. But this, in reality, ignores the fact that many workers don’t qualify for the currently available roles and can face various difficulties in the said transfer process. Saying this implies that most people will lose their jobs in less than two months. “

“Google wants to preserve its image for treating its workers well but doesn’t want to pay for it, so it is changing employee responsibilities into contract employment, depriving workers of the excellent working conditions they deserve,” said David Newgas of the Alphabet Workers Union-CWA and Program Manager at Google.

He added, “Google’s present staff, as well as those at potential acquisitions, are observing Google’s actions and understanding the need to act together to defend our employment. Google can and should be a corporation where all employees have the rights, benefits, and remuneration that they have earned on the job.”

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