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Google TV can now be used by more than one user

Thanks to a live server-side update



Google TV can now be used by more than one user

One of the most notable aspects of the Chromecast with Google TV, which was released in late 2020, was the Google TV’s software and dashboard. Google’s most recent attempt to get its services in front of your eyes when you’re watching TV was a launcher that prioritised personalisation and smart suggestions, as long as you’re a one-person household.

Google TV only allowed one user profile at first, but after introducing kid profiles so you don’t have to endure endless Baby Shark-related suggestions, Google pledged to add more. After some lengthy delays and a gradual deployment, the functionality is now available.

Google TV users should now be able to add multiple user profiles

Thanks to a live server-side update, Google TV’s customers should now be able to add additional user profiles to their devices. However, this may need a reboot or reinstallation of the Google TV’s software.

“I can personally confirm that rebooting my Chromecast with Google TV gave me an “Introducing profiles on Google TV” splash screen, suggesting the choice to add another Google account,” says Antonio G. Di Benedetto of The Verge.

You’ll be able to personalise your interface with distinct watchlists and smart suggestions based on your watching patterns whenever you connect more Google accounts. This should help you save time deciding what to watch while also removing the need to subject your spouse to recommendations of your own guilty loves, such as anime series or wrestling documentaries.

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