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Global Supply Chain

With strategic stocking locations worldwide, Solid Systems Global will ensure they can meet all SLAs within four hours of every major city. This huge network of storage locations also allows us to help you store your parts as consigned spares, report on all the statuses of the global supply chain, and help with the reverse logistics process your business requires. As a bonus, we can also provide you with a customer portal as a value-added service at no extra cost, so you can track your inventory across our vast network of locations.


Countries Supported Globally

How are we different?


Plan and manage all the resources required to meet the customer demands for the company’s services. Once the supply chain is established, ensure that the supply chain is efficient, effective, delivers value to customers, and meets the company’s targets.


Choose suppliers to provide the needed parts and technical services. Then, establish processes for monitoring and managing supplier relationships, including ordering, receiving, managing inventory, and authorising payments.

Delivery and Logistics

Coordinate part requests, schedule deliveries, dispatch parts, manage invoices and send payments.


Create a network to take defective or unwanted parts back to the warehouses.


Solid Systems Global enables companies worldwide the ability to import and export materials into overseas markets without the burden of establishing legal entities in each country in which they trade-in. Leveraging our IOR/EOR services allows you to reduce your costs without the hassle, the extensive regulatory process, and the lead time to implement fiscal presence; allowing you to focus on your core services.

IOR/EOR Fiscal Representation:

Our Global Supply Chain will send any package anywhere in the world with relevant IOR/EOR certificates. All our parts are cleaned, tested, and carefully secured in brand-new boxes for dispatch to our Regional Stocking Locations or at the customer location. We provide the following:

• IOR/EOR representation in 100+ countries throughout EMEA & APAC

• SPOC for import/export trade requirements

• Applies and manages import/export licensing and permits

• Responsible for trade compliance regulations

Warehouse and Repair (Reverse Logistics)

Solid Systems Global have reverse logistics warehouse depots around the world to reduce waste and increase efficiency by refurbishing parts and safely disposing of any BER (Beyond Economical Repair) components and parts. Our warehouses will provide the following for our customers:

• Custom packaging

• VIP dispatch

• Advanced exchange

• White label drop

• Secure and clean packaging


Working with Solid Systems Global not only helps you economize the cost of IT hardware maintenance but also saves time and energy spent on the procurement of parts, decreasing downtime and still expanding into regions effortlessly and seamlessly.

• Reduce Pipeline days in your supply chain

• Eliminate the cost of establishing fiscal representation in countries

• Reduction of corporate tax exposure

• In-country scrap solutions, that reduce the cost of reverse logistics

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Together, we achieve more

Our Primary Regional Stocking Location

Country Coverage

Ahmedabad, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Bangkok, Bern, Cochin Coimbatore, Chennai, Cologne, Delhi, Dubai, Derby, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hyderabad, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Kolkata, Kuwait City, Kuala Lumpur, Leipzig, London, Marseilles, Milan, Mohali, Mumbai, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Penang, Pune, Quezon City, Riyadh, Stuttgart,
Tel Aviv, Vienna

Our Secondary Regional Stocking Location

Country Coverage

Aalborg, Adelaide, Athens, Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Beijing, Belgrade, Bratislava, Brisbane, Brussels, Budapest, Cairo, Cape Town, Cluj-Napoca, Copenhagen, Doha, Espoo, Gothenburg, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Karachi, Kharkiv, Kiev, Lisbon, Madrid, Melbourne, Minsk, Moscow, Muscat, Odessa, Perth, Prague, Seuol, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sollentuna, Sydney, Taipei, Tallinn, Tartu, Warsaw, Wellington, Zagreb