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GaN Systems and xFusion announce ‘xFusion 3kW PSU,’ the world’s first 100W/in3 data-centre power supply

‘xFusion 3kW PSU’ uses gallium nitride chips to deliver such power density



GaN Systems and xFusion announce ‘xFusion 3kW PSU,’ the world's first 100W/in3 data-centre power supply

GaN Systems, the global pioneer in GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductors, and xFusion, a leading global provider of computing power infrastructure and services, today announced the xFusion 3kW PSU, the world’s first 100W/in3 with 80 Plus Titanium efficiency solution. This ground-breaking data centre power supply is being showcased at PCIM Europe 2022 in the GaN Systems booth 509 (Hall 9).

PCIM Europe is the world’s largest tradeshow and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management. This is the gathering place for representatives from research and industry, where trends and developments are first presented to the general public, and where the whole value chain – from components to intelligent systems – is covered.

Despite its modest dimensions of 68mm x 183mm x 40.5mm, the xFusion 3kW PSU is claimed to be the first power supply unit with a power density of 100W/ in3 and an 80 Plus Titanium efficiency of 96 percent. The data-center power supply receives 90~264V DC voltage and 180V~300V AC voltage as inputs and outputs 12V.

Change in the data centre sector is being driven by rising demand for more data and electricity, as well as environmental concerns. The conversion to GaN System’s power transistors has resulted in improved performance for products ranging in power from 800 watts to 6 kW, resulting in significant operational, financial, and environmental benefits.

“Customers implementing GaN Systems’ power semiconductors in their PSUs are seeing a continual increase in PSU power density from 45W/in3 to 63/in3, 82/in3, and now to 100W/in3,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “With these power density breakthroughs and efficiency improvements, the value proposition of GaN is undeniable, and we will see more PSU companies offering these solutions.”

GaN is gaining traction in data centre power supplies. With the global expansion of the data centre business, operators are focusing on profitability and lowering CO2 emissions. GaN-based PSUs may enhance revenues by $3 million for each set of 10 racks in a data centre while lowering operating costs and CO2 emissions production by more than 100 metric tonnes per year. 

Companies using GaN to create power supplies are achieving power densities of up to 100W/in3 with 96+ percent efficiency, resulting in power supplies half the size and half the power loss of silicon-based power supplies.

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