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Foxconn halts operations in Shenzhen as the city enters a state of lockdown amid a fresh COVID outbreak



Foxconn temporarily halts its operations

Foxconn, widely recognised for its substantial assembly of iPhones and supplies to Apple Inc., said today that it has paused operations at its Shenzhen production location to comply with the local government’s COVID-19 control requirements.

After officials imposed a partial lockdown due to the increasing COVID-19 infections, various manufacturers, including Foxconn, stopped their operations in the tech hub of Shenzhen. This imposition came into effect after reports of 60 new infections surfaced on the ground on Sunday. Following that, the businesses offering non-essential services were ordered to shut down temporarily, including the orders to test every other person in the city for COVID-19.

Many other Chinese tech giants also have their headquarters in Shenzhen, including Huawei, Tencent, and Oppo, and the imposition may restrict their operations as well. Meanwhile, Foxconn has announced it will halt its production at its Longhua and Guanlan facilities. Moreover, Foxconn’s Shenzhen site is the second largest in the country of China.

China’s stance on controlling the spread of COVID-19 remains rigorous. Shanghai, China’s most populated city, which is home to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(SMIC), the giant chipmaker company, is also imposing additional restrictions beginning today.

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