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Fast Charging Feature Rumored On Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The ability to charge at a 10W rate is appealing



FCC filing suggests Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 may feature fast charging

While we don’t yet have all of the specifics on Samsung’s next-generation smartwatches, new FCC filings suggest that at least one major change in the form of fast charging is on the way.

FCC filings don’t reveal much in terms of functionality, but they’re a solid sign that a device is nearing release. The SM-R900, SM-R910, and SM-R920 are among the three models included in the files, which were first spotted by 9to5Google. They also validate the watches’ fundamental connection features, such as Bluetooth, 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi, and contactless payments. However, the most eye-catching feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is that the watches can charge at 10W speeds. In comparison, the Galaxy Watch 4 only supports half of that.

When it comes to battery life, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 fell short. Despite Samsung’s claim of 40 hours of battery life, the Galaxy Watch 4 range struggles to last more than a day when all of the bells and whistles are turned on, such as the always-on display. 

If the new watches require daily power-ups, adding quick charging might help Samsung avoid similar concerns, especially given the Galaxy Watch 4 takes approximately two hours to charge from zero to 100%. It’s a feature that many other smartwatches have as well. Fast charging was added to Fossil’s Wear OS watches some years ago, and Apple added it to its Series 7 watches last year.

Why Samsung might be prioritizing a better battery experience?

Aside from consumer concerns, there are a variety of reasons why Samsung might prioritise greater battery life. To begin, there’s sleep tracking. Samsung and Apple have lagged behind Fitbit and other activity trackers in this area because their smartwatches frequently don’t last the night without a fast charge before bed. Although sleep monitoring isn’t everyone’s first concern, it is becoming a more popular function and an area in which Samsung appears to be interested. It added a coaching program to its sleep tracking tools in February. However, it’s difficult to create an impact if your sleep tracker doesn’t make it till the morning.

Another explanation might be the almost certain “Pro” version of the Galaxy Watch 5. This watch is said to have a 572mAh battery and charging that, at 5W rates, would be turtle-like by today’s standards. This time around, the regular Galaxy Watch 5 versions are also said to have bigger batteries. The Galaxy Watch 4’s two-hour charging time was already inadequate, and extending charging durations beyond that would be a significant mistake.

When will Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 be released?

Samsung’s wearables are normally released in late summer, so we won’t have to wait long to learn more about the Galaxy Watch 5 range. It’s important for Samsung to do this right. The Galaxy Watch 4 had some wiggle room last year since it was (and still is) the only Wear OS 3 wristwatch available. However, in a few months, that’s not going to be the case.

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