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FAQ - Our Support

Third Party Maintenance

Third-party hardware maintenance provides a number of services to keep your IT hardware functioning and is less expensive than what you would receive from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

When companies buy hardware products like servers, storage, and network from brands such as Cisco, HPE, or NetApp, they will typically provide an initial period of support and routine maintenance, during which time the company can offer hardware support services related to your purchase. After this point, there are options for post-warranty service solutions at an additional cost, depending on what type it might be (end life vs new).

EOL stands for End of Life and refers to the point when a manufacturer decides its product is no longer relevant and ceases to manufacture, market, or sell it. As of this date, the product isn’t available for purchase as a new product, but service updates may still be available.

Yes, it is. Solid System Global will help you maximize your uptime and enhance your performance and efficiency. Any necessary repairs, updates, or maintenance solutions will be provided by us at an exceptionally high level of quality and at a much more affordable price point than your OEM providers, making us reliable and cost-efficient.

Our standard SLAs include the 9x5xNBD and 7x24x4, but most contracts that we put together are in some way customized to fit our client’s needs.

Response Center

Right away. Help Desk tickets are typically opened within minutes and troubleshooting begins immediately.

If you have a 4-hour response time when a ticket is raised with an OEM their response can be an email or a phone call to you that the response is now hit and they will fix your hardware issue when they get the part. At Solid Systems Global, the response isn’t hit until we get onsite and with that 90% of our first-time visits are met with a resolution because we will arrive onsite with the most common parts at hand.

We are and have been operating a 24x7x365 call center for more than two decades, with multi-lingual call center executives that are always here to get you back online.

Global Supply chain

It depends. Like other parts of the contract, we create stocking strategies that meet your needs and budget. When it comes to 7×24 contracts, we begin with the parts that fail most frequently. Each client defines the specific parts that we inventory for them, and we allow them to provide us with feedback on any additional parts or scaled-back inventory to reduce support costs.

Definitely. All of our SLAs include on-site support. Some clients require us to visit on-site each time a failure occurs, while others require us to visit only when a replacement is more challenging. Our contract can be tailored to meet your preferences.

We can triage the symptoms and have a hardware technician and the correct part to you within 2 hours from one of our many storage locations with hundreds of assets stocked with the help of our dedicated 24/7 call center.

That depends. In a couple of hours, field engineers can be scheduled to be on-site, but the SLA will provide some guidance regarding our on-site scheduling. 

Partner With US

We have partnerships with logistics companies to ensure we have stocking locations in more than 100 countries across 5 continents. In addition, we offer dedicated on-site stocking as part of our 7x24x4 agreements.

Yes. Every one of our engineers undergoes a character screening as well as technical qualifications. As part of their responsibilities, our engineers work on devices that we support currently and devices that we are in the process of supporting.

It is a mix of badged employees and long-term contracted field engineers. No matter whether they’re badged or contracted, all are fully managed and worked on by high-level technical staff at our Help Desk, and also all our field engineers are provided with a detailed action plan that keeps everything organized.