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Chrome OS 100th version brings new launcher design that looks like Windows Start Menu

It opens from the side rather than the centre of the screen.



Chrome OS 100

Chrome OS, like the Chrome browser, has reached its 100th edition. The most recent version features a revamp of Chrome OS’s launcher, which is intended to make it more intuitive and customizable for Chromebook users.

The launcher, which is believed to be similar to Windows’ start menu, has a friendlier look than earlier launchers, with more rounded corners. It now opens from the side rather than the centre of the screen.

There are also more icon sorting options, such as the ability to manually organise and categorise them by name or colour. As you input and search between Chrome tabs, the search bar will offer you more comprehensive previews from Google if you have a lot of tabs open.

This launcher has been spotted on the here-be-dragons Canary channel for quite some time and was first discovered last summer. It had some glitches in the beginning phase, which Google has fixed in time to make the final update.

Other intriguing improvements in the current Chrome OS version include GIF creation in the camera app, YouTube supervision in Family Link, and a redesigned YouTube app with offline access. It also includes a new dictation editing feature where you can just say words like “delete” to remove the previous letter you typed, or “move to next character” to make the cursor jump a letter forward. Google’s Admin panel now offers a new report “for a fast glance at which devices require attention” for IT administrators.

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