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Best of Elon Musk on Twitter for March 2022



We know Elon Musk has a love / hate relationship with Twitter but some of the tweets that he creates are brilliant, genius worthy and just down right hilarious. Here are the best Elon Musk Tweets of March 2022.

Space X Falcon 9 Launch 47 Starlink satellites

This first one at the start of March wasn’t technically from his account, but instead was retweeted, plus he owns the company… so we can let this one slide and it’s such a great video.

Starlink is still active in Ukraine

This one has a hint of flex and a hint of humor at the end for good measure.

Elon Musk wants more oil to be produced

This one may sound mad, but it actually makes a sense. The world isn’t ready, even though leaders of our world should have been a very long time ago.

Elon Musk is a speech absolutist

A lot of news media outlets have blocked Russian news, but how do we know what the Russians are telling their people and soldiers? We know a lot of it is propaganda, so wouldn’t it be useful to know what what is being said?

Elon Musk is waiting for the next Netflix big hit

Elon Musk and everyone is thinking what these streaming platforms will be making after the Ukraine Russia war ends.

Elon Musk wants to battle Vladimir Putin

Probably one of the funniest tweets from Elon Musk this year. Which combat will be chosen? Judo? Boxing? Fencing? It could be a game of battleships.

When you buy a pizza from Costco

How good is this tweet? Granted, Elon Musk didn’t make it, but gold nevertheless.

Tesla starts producing cars in their new Berlin Gigafactory

A an absolute mammoth site in Berlin, Germany and aiming to produce 500,000 vehicles at the site per year.

The love / hate relationship that Elon Musk has with Twitter

Twitter probably will never succumb to Elon Musk’s requests, but he really wants Twitter to have their algorithm to be open source.

Invites to Gigafactory in Texas

Tesla starts it’s invites for the event Cyber Rodeo where it plans to open another Gigafactory, but this one is closer to home, in Texas.

Is Elon Musk mad not to use Google Maps?

Google maps guides me everywhere, this means I never get lost… only sometimes.

That’s a lot of satellites in space

NASA has raised concerns that SpaceX’s plan to send another 30,000 Starlink satellites into orbit can lead to “substantial congestion,” increase the potential for collisions, and interfere with the agency’s activities.

Do you follow Elon Musk? If you do, what has been your best tweet from him so far?

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