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Android 13’s first public beta is out now

Its release comes ahead of Google’s annual developer conference next month



Android 13’s first public beta is out now

Google has hammered the nail on the spot with the release of the Android 13’s first public beta. It was rolled out Tuesday and is now ready to download and tested by anybody with a compatible Pixel smartphone.

Android 13’s first public beta release comes ahead of Google’s annual developer conference (Google I/O) next month. During this conference, which is scheduled to be released later this year, the company is anticipated to fully outline its intentions for the upgrade.

The beta is the third and latest iteration of the OS (operating system) preview, and it’s the first one that non-developers may download and check out. However, keep in mind that this beta is still Android’s in-development version, which means there will most certainly be bugs and other anomalies to deal with if you opt to stick with the beta until Android 13’s complete release somewhere in the fall.

Highlights of Android 13’s first public beta

The most noteworthy additions for end-users are those that have already surfaced in the first two developer versions of Android 13. Additions such as support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio, as well as a new picture picker that allows you to restrict which of your photographs an app may access, new app icon theming choices, and new permissions that may reduce notification spam.

The sections of Android that can manage cryptographic keys, Keystore and KeyMint, have been improved to produce more descriptive error codes. Audio playback APIs have also been updated.

The new features for this public beta, on the other hand, are considerably more developer-focused, such as modifications to the app authorization for accessing shared media files in local storage. Google VP of engineering Dave Burke explains in a blog post that the permission will now be tailored to the sort of media an app needs to access — photos, video, or audio — rather than asking for permission to view all files.

Visit Google’s Android 13 developer site for additional information on how to join up for and download the beta. 

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